Here’s how it works

Invitation to Innovate…Unleashing your Competitive Edge™ (i2i) is a proprietary Flaum Navigators methodology, in which colleagues from a cross-section of areas within the company are brought together to create actionable inroads and marketing and sales ideas for your business. The participation of different departments i.e., marketing, legal, regulatory, managed markets, medical affairs and sales, ensures widespread buy-in and enhances the possibility that ideas will come to fruition. In addition, we include key outside marketing partners and even “special guests,” for additional perspectives and a ream of creativity.

We will work with your team to prepare and facilitate a six-hour workshop with the goal of creating a list of strategies and tactics that can be executed within 100 days. From there, breakout groups on selected topics will then generate ideas and report to the full group for discussion and further development.

Flaum Navigators will:

  • Meet with client’s marketing and sales group to identify and agree upon key challenges to be resolved and key stakeholders to be considered.
  • Develop a detailed agenda for the workshop.
  • Develop/review meeting content working with your Team’s point of contact.
  • Identify outside experts, if appropriate.
  • Develop templates and idea starters for breakout groups.
  • Facilitate the general session discussions and executable outcomes.
  • Present a written, post-workshop summary, including agreements and next steps.
Who should attend?

We recommend a multi-disciplinary group of up to 25 team members.

The outcome

The session ends with the selection of three viable projects (Big Ideas) that will be executed in 100 days by a Six-Sigma Team.

What’s your game change?

“…Thank you Sander for your wonderful Invitation to Innovate™ program. I had great fun being creative and both you and your team did a great job fostering an open and supportive environment for innovation. We are lucky that you were brought in to help us.” M.O.